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Spell check of earthy

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Correct spelling:
sensible and practical; " has a straightforward down- to- earth approach to a problem"; " her earthy common sense"


earthy, crude, gross, vulgar.
untamed, sensual, brutish, mammalian.
carnal, temporal, secular, physical, base, material, mundane, worldly, earthly.
boorish, tactless, clumsy, tasteless, barbarous, raw, coarse, brutish, crude, awkward, unpolished, undignified, gross, inelegant, tawdry, uncivil, unrefined, graceless, gawky, rude, vulgar.
banausic, materialistic, unspiritual, object-oriented, Earthly-minded.
alluvial, Subastral, Geotic, in all creation, Terraqueous, under the sun.
Subsolar, Uncelestial.
easygoing, down home, hard-boiled, coarse, homey, dull, folksy, crude, mundane, natural, indelicate, simple, down-to-earth, lusty, unidealistic, home folk, lowbred, down, rough, funky, uninhibited, unrefined, robust, homely, ribald, bawdy, pragmatic.
cockney, ignominious, ill-bred, coarse-grained, inelegant, garish, degraded, repulsive, crass, broad, barbaric, unrefined, outlandish, depraved, animal, brazen, rude, shameless, homespun, common, indelicate, offensive, unbecoming, in bad taste, undignified, gaudy, low, scandalous, colloquial, profane, vulgar, tasteless, raw, idiomatic, sordid, glaring, rough, ignoble, revolting, chintzy, boorish, tactless, barnyard, base, philistine, coarse, tawdry, gross, unseemly, brutish, unpolished, clumsy, crude, graceless, rank, salty, sleazy, cheap, obscene.
coarse, realistic, natural, indecent, vulgar, down-to-earth, gross, uninhibited, crude.
hearty, bawdy, ribald, robust, lusty.
Examples of usage:
  1. She awarded praises and displayed her own proper pride, albeit the five men smoked their wooden or clay pipes in silence, motionless as images after their long task; images of earthy hue, hollow- eyed with fatigue. – Maria Chapdelaine A Tale of the Lake St. John Country by Louis Hemon
  2. Two hours and a half were short: the end of that time found us riding between corn- fields, crossing streamlet after streamlet watering the vegetation, and at last jogging over real turf, instead of clattering on stones, which had made talking difficult for the last day or two; now the path was actually soft and earthy. – In the Tail of the Peacock by Isabel Savory
  3. Southward, and for some degrees on either side, a fine dark line met the sky; but to the north- east and south- west was a boundless extent of earthy plain. – Expedition into Central Australia by Charles Sturt
  4. The Bedouin, having unloaded the camels in the courtyard across the street, refused to help us, and, as no one else could be got, my husband and all his merry men had to carry up the baggage, while I wrestled with the beds and other furniture in our earthy room. – Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent Mabel Bent
  5. Lastly, if the whole grain were finely ground, it is by no means certain that the percentage of really nutritive nitrogenous matters would be higher than in ordinary bread flour, and it is quite a question whether the excess of earthy phosphates would not then be injurious. – Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value by Harry Snyder