Spell check of E-CASH

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Correct spelling: E-CASH

Common misspellings:

e4-cash, e-caxh, e3-cash, e-casg, e-czsh, epcash, r-cash, e-caah, es-cash, e-fcash, e-cazh, 4e-cash, ew-cash, e-vash, e-fash, e-cadh, s-cash, e-casb, e-xcash, 4-cash, e-xash, e-cawh, e0-cash, w-cash, se-cash, e-0cash, e-cwsh, e-casj, e0cash, de-cash, ed-cash, er-cash, e-casn, e-cqsh, e-dcash, e-cxash, e-caeh, e-casy, ep-cash, we-cash, e-casu, e-dash, e-pcash, d-cash, e-vcash, re-cash, e-cvash, 3e-cash, e-cfash, 3-cash.