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Correct spelling: doff

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Common misspellings:

taffi, dtaff, offi, darfar, offf, noff, tipoff, dayfor, coffi, modfy, doffer, doofus, draff, takoff, roff, doyu, putoff, soif, 13dfor, tooffer, goeff, dsfa, madof, taffee, deff, deffo, difficu, downof, deckoff, 3rdof, odffer, rouff, poffy, soef, ridof, daef, arff, madoff, bidfor, modofy, louffa, toffe, laidoff, diff, rofo, tofee, dawrf, dworf, ataff, dafur.

Examples of usage:

  1. Ripton attentively observed his chief, and saw him doff his hat with a curious caution, and peer into its recess, from which, during Mrs. Berry's speech, he drew forth a little glove- dropped there by some freak of chance.  The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. And doff my hat at th' mad knight- errant's name.  Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand