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come into being, come out, enter, oblige, perform, play, take part, be created, be developed, be invented.
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Spell check of deduce

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Correct spelling:
To trace, as derivation.


infer, derive, deduct.
study at infer.
determine, scheme, gauge, divide, schedule, guess, measure, compute, quantify, account, infer, conclude, sum, plot, add, count, program, consider, surmise, total, suppose, assess, appraise, evaluate, judge, triangulate, calculate, rank, tally, weigh, systematize, study, enumerate, reckon, rate, quantize, rationalize, value, think, plan, presume, estimate, approximate, figure, score, multiply.
infer, deduce, derive, deduct.
infer, deduce.
envision, presuppose, foreknow, assume, apprehend, imagine, dread, contemplate, suspect, anticipate, expect, gather, await, envisage, foresee, forebode.
figure out, understand
fancy, consider, derive, infer, presume, surmise, deduct, regard, draw, conclude, collect, assume, glean, cogitate, boil down, read into, make out, deem, presuppose, reason, make, imagine, have a hunch, conceive, add up, be afraid, gather, judge, figure, take to mean, ratiocinate, analyze.
cogitate, analyze, induct, conceptualize, reason, synthesize.
Examples of usage:
  1. It may not, however, be safe to deduce from this fact the opinion that children should never be kept longer in school than two hours a day; but it seems proper to assume that, if blessed with good homes, they may be relieved from the tedium of confinement in the school- room, when there is no longer opportunity for improvement. – Thoughts on Educational Topics and Institutions by George S. Boutwell
  2. I shall now deduce the institutions and usages of the several people, as far as they vary one from another; as also an account of what nations from thence removed, to settle themselves in Gaul. – Tacitus on Germany by Tacitus
  3. Not that you needed me to deduce that. – The Giants From Outer Space by Geoff St. Reynard