Spell check of datura

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Correct spelling: datura


Common misspellings:

dathra, dstura, datira, darura, dwtura, catura, dratura, datjra, xdatura, datu4a, dcatura, datyra, eatura, daturz, dfatura, datuta, deatura, dztura, daturq, edatura, datuda, cdatura, da5ura, fatura, dzatura, dafura, dqatura, sdatura, dastura, dat7ra, dxatura, daturw, dwatura, fdatura, dayura, dsatura, daturs, xatura, rdatura, datufa, da6ura, dagura, ratura, datu5a, daztura, datuea, dawtura, dat8ra, satura, dqtura.

Examples of usage:

  1. Her home is in the datura bush.  The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  2. The Stoltzfooses had risen well before the dawn; Martha to feed herself, her husband, and the chickens; Aaron to ready the horse and wagon for a trip into Datura.  Blind Man's Lantern by Allen Kim Lang
  3. Sir, my good and only wife- I am a poor man, and bound by another law than that of the fortunate Kazunzumi- adds her thanks to mine for the rich gifts the Chief of Datura presented us, his servants.  Blind Man's Lantern by Allen Kim Lang