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Spell check of cropped

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Correct spelling:
( of land or soil) used for growing crops; " cropped soil"


neck and neck, close-grained.
removed, contracted, Pared, concentrated, sheared, docked, weeded, shortened, decreased, condensed, Leached, cut, Curtailed, dropped, Dwindled, deducted, lowered, Bobbed, shrunken, compressed, trimmed, clipped, drained, abbreviated, Nipped, depleted, eroded, mowed, abridged, truncated, tapered, reduced, shaved, diminished, decremented, downgraded, deflated, Lightened, lessened, Compacted, Receded, pruned.
lessened, Discounted, abridged, subtracted, compressed, deducted, drained, shortened, Elided, Deleted, sheared, Depreciated, diminished, Pared, clipped, reduced, shaved, removed, decreased, bated, deflated, Bobbed, trimmed, Snubbed, abbreviated, weeded, Curtailed, mowed, eroded, contracted, pruned, cut, docked, lowered, Nipped.
lopped, docked, planted, close-cropped, lopped off, pruned, clipped.
minimized, Shrank, shrunk.
Ejected, vented, exhausted, disapproved, junked, Excised, Blackballed, discharged, seeped, Trashed, lopped, shedded, clipped, cut, Spewed, rejected, barred, Disgorged, Excreted, chopped, sheared, abandoned, Secreted, Denied, Vomited, Oppugned, drained, erupted, Exuded, Ejaculated, Eliminated, Excluded, Belched, Curtailed, deep-sixed, Culled, scraped, Disallowed, Emitted, evacuated, discarded, checked, jettisoned, Disclaimed, Sniped, blacklisted, jilted.
subtracted, Discounted, decreased, trimmed, lowered, shaved, Depreciated, clipped, Pared, sheared, cut, weeded, reduced, deducted, Bobbed, lessened, Elided, Deleted, pruned, docked, Curtailed, abridged, diminished.
Examples of usage:
  1. And it cropped out in me so young! – The Lash by Olin L. Lyman
  2. Mac put his hand on the cropped head and began: " About that empty syrup- can-" Kaviak started up, shaking from head to foot. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  3. Here and there dark rocks cropped out, and the sides of the island were formed in many parts of lofty, precipitous cliffs; while in others, such as the place we had landed on, were rugged rocks sloping gradually down to the sea. – Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston
  4. He wore cloth cap on the back of his head, showing in front a thick mass of closely cropped hair. – The Fortunate Youth by William J. Locke
  5. No, indeed, cried the mouse with the cropped ears; the credit is mine. – The Blue Fairy Book by Various