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Spell check of courageous

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Correct spelling: courageous


Common misspellings:

goregious, couragouse, corageous, collegeous, coragously, couargeous, gourgeous, courous, gourgious, gourgous, caragious, courgeous, corrageous, couragious, courageou, courageaous, couragous, goregous, courageto, cotagious, couragess, curagious, egreegious, goregeous, coureous, couragigous, curvacous, courateous, gorgerous, grgeous, gorgegous, gerogeous, goregouse, couragues, grogeouis, coragious, gorigous, curageous, couragoeus, couragously, ourageous, geourgeous, courageoulsy, courageouly, couragoues, couragoeous, rageous, coragous, corageus, couragus.

Examples of usage:

  1. They were tough, hearty, jolly, courageous, daring fellows.  Winning His Way by Charles Carleton Coffin
  2. And all declare that they never saw two more courageous knights.  Four Arthurian Romances "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" by Chretien DeTroyes
  3. We must just put the courageous face on and march forward.  The Chautauqua Girls At Home by Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden
  4. Borrow's eloquence is splendid, manly, and desperately courageous.  Lavengro The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest by George Borrow
  5. This was more than a bear, as courageous as was this giant grizzly, could stand, and he retreated with an awkward haste which was ridiculous.  Through Apache Lands by R. H. Jayne