Spell check of coming

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Correct spelling: coming


Common misspellings:

comuintiy, becuming, romeing, climing, caminto, wlecoming, comeon, caman, becomine, comunal, comapnay, comune, coaving, comuinty, comuting, coting, commona, camon, comong, accomany, comanpy, commmon, communi, coumading, ecomonay, chuming, someing, oming, comin, coomunal, wlcoming, loming, comonay, cuaing, comeone, caming, crimne, cocine, coiming, ecomany, comgin, compainy, copmany, comtainer, gameing, coxing, koing, camgaign, couhing, couging.

Examples of usage:

  1. We were just coming to you- to find out, I mean, where you were, and call on you.  The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Mr. Lang is coming.  Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders on the Great American Desert by Jessie Graham Flower
  3. The dog is coming!  The Eagle's Nest by S. E. Cartwright
  4. " I know what you're coming to," Vanderbank said.  The Awkward Age by Henry James
  5. You are coming, then?  The Rajah of Dah by George Manville Fenn