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Correct spelling: chain

What does the acronym chain stand for?

CHAIN abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

shaon, shakin, vachon, chapion, chaning, kichan, michian, siani, phycian, chani, channal, shaing, ceation, chchio, choen, usiaian, ching, zuchini, charn, chasen, caino, chanbow, shainghai, ciation, chilian, chaeir, cheif, cuaing, mechani, chaair, chyanne, chagne, chinia, achin, chane, chainbw, cheaing, chekin, chiin, chail, chaier, shakein, chiago, cheyann, chaiman, chosion, chamie, achian, chiminy, shaorn.

Examples of usage:

  1. He's chafin' at that chain."  Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney
  2. Now the chain that held him was long, but Reddy had taken care not to get too near, and of course Bowser couldn't reach him.  Old Granny Fox by Thornton W. Burgess
  3. There was, too, a secret knowledge on the Eastern girl's part that made this chain stronger than Nell imagined.  The Heart of Canyon Pass by Thomas K. Holmes
  4. He opened a small box, and taking out a long, gold chain, threw it around her neck.  East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood