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Spell check of care for

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Correct spelling:
care for
provide treatment for; " The doctor treated my broken leg"; " The nurses cared for the bomb victims"; " The patient must be treated right away or she will die"; " Treat the infection with antibiotics"


care for
hold dear, cherish, treasure, treat.
harbor, let crash, canton, room, put up, accommodate, quarter, bed, lodge, house, feed.
treat, care for.
hold dear, revere, coddle, support, enshrine, sustain, hug, nourish, cling to, idolize, nurse, safeguard, venerate, comfort, appreciate, preserve, cleave to, reverence, hold in high esteem, adore, value, fondle, worship, honor, shelter, prize, guard, apprize, treasure, foster, cultivate, admire, shield, embrace, encourage, dote on, cosset, fancy, entertain, pet, defend, clasp, nurture, like, love.
look upon, bear in mind, credit, reflect, judge, sense, suppose, think, believe, appraise, respect, set down, take into account, deem, count, take for, hold an opinion, hold, analyze, make allowance for, remember, feel, reckon with, estimate, keep in view, think of, view.
fend off, panoply, fight, retain, look after, entrench, stave off, espouse, bulwark, contend, resist, keep safe, insure, save, guard against, conserve, avert, prevent, garrison, secure, fortify, beat off, cherish, watch over, take in, uphold, battle, ward off, watch, war, screen, hold at bay, fight for, cover, provide sanctuary, maintain, hedge, mine, oppose, repel danger, withstand.
do for
abet, steady, aid, provide for, lend a hand, assist, help out, benefact.
care for.
take to, favor, lust after, crazy about, approve, take a liking to, endorse, prefer, be enamored of, crave, long for, wish for, be attracted to, mad for, be in love with, fall for, dream of, desire, be captivated by, set one's heart on, yearn for, relish, sanction, wild for.
bring up, minister to, help, serve, take care of, oblige, rear, raise.
go for
countenance, hold with, accept, be fond of, approbate.
grip, protect, carry, season, direct, stack, heap, operate, cache, hold back, ordain, put, subsidize, carry on, amass, place, trade in, provision, deposit, administer, store, deal in, victual, have, reserve, possess, grasp, attend, stock, garner, conduct, accumulate, run, control, detain, withhold, command, enjoy, endure, pile, continue, board, own, manage, mind.
savor, luxuriate in, hanker for, be keen on, feast on, take delight in, dig, get a kick out of, care to, be pleased by, revel in, rejoice in, indulge in, be gratified by, stuck on, esteem, be partial to, go for, find appealing, exclaim, derive pleasure from, delight in, take an interest in, take satisfaction in, be sweet on.
canonize, gone on, have affection for, glorify, hold high, be attached to, deify, choose, be fascinated with, be enchanted by, adulate, have it bad, exalt, think the world of, put on pedestal, thrive with, lose one's heart to, be crazy about.
call the shots, use, instruct, concert, influence, officiate, request, execute, call upon, ply, head, advocate, pilot, steer, oversee, captain, engineer, take over, minister, rule, handle, train, counsel, disburse, dominate, designate, engage in, take the helm, preside, regulate, guide, hold down, wield, manipulate, boss, govern, superintend, run the show, supervise.
notice, mind the store, behold, discipline, have charge of, ensure, perceive, look, sit, discern, listen up, baby-sit, keep an eye on, regard, make certain, see, note, mark, ride herd on, give heed to, be attentive, observe.
sentinel, give refuge, cushion, shotgun, go to bat for, shade, give sanctuary, stonewall, chaperon, champion, fend, take under wing, keep, cover up, ride shotgun for, assure, cover all bases, stand guard, insulate.
educate, breed, grow, propagate.
attend to, play, HIT, distribute, present, provide, deliver, deal, wait on, succor, arrange, do for, dish up, give, be of assistance, work for, be of use, set out.
sponsor, pick up the check, back, buoy up, pay expenses of, finance, stiffen, pay for, give a leg up, bankroll, put up money for, angel, fund, strengthen, be a source of strength, stroke, set up, prop, underwrite, make a living, earn one's keep, stake.
coach, whip into shape, prime, drill, mold, school, tutor, habituate, get in shape, study, inure, accustom, sharpen, wise up, shape, develop, ground, break in, rehearse, update, improve, make ready, dry run, equip, exercise, enlighten, get a workout, show the ropes, tame, teach, hone, grow strong, drum into, qualify, brainwash, harden, work out, run through, warm up.
dress, medicament, apply treatment, heal, cure, dose, prescribe.
wait on
ready, portion, set, tend.
pick up on, be on alert, police, be on the lookout, wait, keep eyes open, keep watch over, be vigilant, be wary, keep eyes peeled, look out, take heed, patrol, be watchful.
knead, make, till, labor, farm, fashion, process.