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Spell check of callous

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Correct spelling: callous

Common misspellings:

callibur, collegeous, calous, coloums, callouse, callls, jeleaous, cllose, casious, callsv, calos, qalthough, caious, clouse, calugues, jealeus, malleous, jellousy, calus, caller''s, causous, faulous, cautuous, gellouse, calleds, collosus, calulus, jellious, causious, cauious, cautous, callor, gelous, calorious, jealoues, callout, jalousey, jalousy, calibour, jaelous, carlos', colous, callopse, callum, kalcors, cllas, calores, colours, cyclus, cacious.

Examples of usage:

  1. It was all very well for Meynell to show this levity, this callous indifference to the situation.  The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. The startled, pitiful astonishment in the girl's face might have touched a less callous heart than Lady Winsleigh's,- but her ladyship was prepared for it and only smiled.  Thelma by Marie Corelli
  3. You are not callous because you are curious!  A Woman's Experience in the Great War by Louise Mack
  4. " Yes," said Roderick in a very callous manner, " I see her."  The End of the Rainbow by Marian Keith
  5. They alternate between a moral indifference in which there is no hope for anybody, and a cold and callous condemnation of sinners which is both hypocritical and cruel.  Men, Women, and God by A. Herbert Gray