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Spell check of buns

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Correct spelling:

What does the acronym buns stand for?

BUNS abbreviation definitions:
–  Bolivar United Naturist Society
–  Bryanston United Nursery School


tail, buttocks, arse, can, bottom, posterior, prat, butt, tush, tail end, keister, rump, stern, derriere, tooshie, hind end, ass, nates, fanny, backside, behind, seat, bum, fundament, rear, hindquarters.
Examples of usage:
  1. Mr. Perkins was below; and Miss Lucy, having distributed her buns, was on the point of following,- but whether from timidity, or whether from a desire to do young Perkins an essential service, I know not: however, she found herself quite unwilling to jump down unaided. – The Bedford-Row Conspiracy by William Makepeace Thackeray