Spell check of blotchy

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Correct spelling: blotchy

Common misspellings:

bnlotchy, glotchy, blo6chy, nlotchy, blptchy, bl9tchy, hlotchy, blosh, blotch7, blotdhy, blotcuy, blitchy, bkotchy, blorchy, bootchy, butchy, hblotchy, bolshoy, blach, bpotchy, knobluach, blotxhy, vlotchy, beoutch, blofchy, blotcby, blotcgy, blotfhy, blo5chy, bl0tchy, biotch, blotcny, blochy, blotcht, blooshot, blotvhy, blktchy, vblotchy, bvlotchy, nblotchy, blogchy, blotcjy, bibliotech, blotcyy, blotch6, bitoech, bluch, blltchy, bloychy, bhlotchy.

Examples of usage:

  1. It makes so little impression on a fellow's mind somehow, to mooch into a Registrar's office with a woman and answer a question or two put by a fat, middle- aged duffer who's smiling himself into creases, and give your name and say, 'No, there's no impediment, ' and put on the ring and pay a fee- I believe it was seven- and- six- and take a blotchy certificate and walk out- married.  The Dop Doctor by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  2. He had a red blotchy face.  My Little Sister by Elizabeth Robins
  3. A rash like this, a sort of nettle rash, more blotchy and causing little lumps on the skin, which in a day or two come and go, sometimes appears in the intervals between the pimples, sometimes takes their place, and causes, as they do, much irritation.  The Mother's Manual of Children's Diseases by Charles West, M.D.