Spell check of Beliefs

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Correct spelling: Beliefs

Common misspellings:

beliveme, beloves, belvies, befiefs, belivers, belicose, beliiefs, beliefes, beleav, beleves, baliffs, beliief, belevce, belif, bealieves, belileves, belefes, beleieves, bleiev, blives, beleavs, beliefsthat, balifs, belives, believies, beleivce, belevive, benifis, belieifs, balliffs, belifve, belfies, bellevue''s, belifs, believ, beilfs, belifes, beilieves, beiliefs, beliefts, beleife, beilefes, beliefa, bellieves, belliefs, belieif, beliefve, beleaf, beleives, belieffs.

Examples of usage:

  1. You won't hear what a fellow's got to say, and then set him down for a mischievous fool, because he won't give up beliefs founded on the evidence of his own eyes, and ears, and reason."  Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  2. Ah, surely a great and powerful intellect is needed to bring us back, safe and sound, to our own social beliefs.  Seraphita by Honore de Balzac
  3. They allow uncriticized beliefs and prejudices, the ideas of hatred, anxiety or ill- health, free entrance.  The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day by Evelyn Underhill
  4. No explanation from the dry details of the natural history of these animals is sufficient to account for this curious parallel, and we must turn to ancient beliefs for the explanation.  Folklore as an Historical Science by George Laurence Gomme