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Spell check of barnum

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Correct spelling: barnum

Common misspellings:

manum, barni, bordum, ba5num, baenum, beenm, barrium, badnum, boardname, bordeum, bottum, benham, beenup, beinmg, baruim, bournemoth, boardum, carnium, bynum, bsrnum, birthname, birnam, urnaium, garnum, bureum, bantum, harnum, banquo, barnym, warnm, bafnum, barnhm, bqrnum, banmk, barnny, batnum, bzrnum, bornm, birinham, bwrnum, bantom, benjim, varnum, barnjm, narnum, batchname, barbum, biopharm, barnawi, ba4num.

Examples of usage:

  1. I went out of the cabin down to the Mission, and into the house of Father Barnum.  Pardners by Rex Beach
  2. My first contact with Mr. Barnum occurred many years before, when I was a boy up in Peekskill.  My Memories of Eighty Years by Chauncey M. Depew
  3. Well, Honora, he remarked, you have a sort of a P. T. Barnum way of doing things once in a while- haven't you?  The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill