Spell check of backed

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Correct spelling: backed


Common misspellings:

backk, bacme, parcked, blcked, boooked, beacue, backd, blackaid, faiked, buket, becken, backt, cicked, baacked, baken, bagde, bahgdad, boked, baget, bicked, baghad, backout, bocket, bahed, oaked, borcken, bakey, blacket, baged, backedup, bookeed, yacked, thebackout, backpay, hacket, bacdk, brackit, baced, backw, backj, backto, backi, barecode, barcoded, ecked, acked, backp, bocklet, nacked, backc.

Examples of usage:

  1. I pushed on as near in the direction to the noise as I could, till I found the hill was too steep for me to climb, and so I backed and went down the creek some distance till I came to a hollow, and then took up that, till I come to a place where I could climb up the hill.  A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tennessee. by Davy Crockett
  2. He must have heard me, since he signalled me out with his hand, and backed out quietly himself, still talking.  Let'em Breathe Space by Lester del Rey
  3. When he came out he had that look of his- you know it of old- so that if I'd been a timid chap I'd have backed out.  Mrs. Red Pepper by Grace S. Richmond
  4. The Carmelite had none but the bishop with him, was not even backed by his own brethren, nor yet by the clergy.  La Sorcière: The Witch of the Middle Ages by Jules Michelet