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Spell check of at ease

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Correct spelling:
at ease
socially at ease; " was at ease with strangers"


cheery, jovial, easy, radiant, blithe, buoyant, easy-going, happy, cheerful, unbothered, secure, insouciant, unanxious, feelgood, happy-go-lucky, breezy, easy going, jaunty, careless, cool, laid back, calm, airy, sunny.
possessed, keeping one's shirt on, sure of oneself, staid, levelheaded, temperate, easygoing, have one's act together, relaxed, poised, dispassionate, Quieted, sedate, placid, Soothed, Disimpassioned, repressed, tranquil, serious, unruffled, confident, sensible, commonsensical, nonchalant, self-possessed, together, keeping a stiff upper lip, imperturbable, cool as cucumber, self-assured, serene, untroubled, clearheaded, unflappable, suppressed, not turn a hair, Calmed.
fulfilled, willing, gratified, contend, appeased, serene, contented, comfortable, complacent, satisfied, pleased as punch, smug, can't complain, easy, snug, fat dumb and happy.
snug, spontaneous, friendly, gracious, cozy, effortless, cushy, obliging, comfy, diplomatic, soft, fluent, languid, polite, informal, running, pleasant, thriving, peaceful, mild, undisturbed, unpretentious, forthright, Easeful, unaffected, casual, unhurried, undemanding, amiable, natural, successful, sociable, Familiar, moderate, unexacting, substantial, commodious, smooth, flowing, well-to-do, carefree, in clover, unforced, prosperous, gregarious, quiet, light, cursive, slow, composed, graceful, affable, content, unworried, open, complaisant, gentle, good-natured, tolerant, suave, urbane, good-tempered.
household, in the bosom, Family, at rest, internal, down home, central, inland, homely, local, native, homey, national, in one's element.
forward-looking, rosy, emboldened, enthusiastic, upbeat, Anticipating, elated, unflagging, looking forward to, high, rose-colored, Inspirited, lighthearted, anticipative, Hoping, sanguine, trusting, eager, reassured, keeping the faith, assured, Expecting, trustful, faithful, up-beat.
dreaming, dozing, reclining, Reposing, relaxing, lounging, napping, drowsing, sleeping, asleep, stretched out, taking a break, lying down, Recessing, taking it easy, Resting, unwinding, Snoozing, Crashed.
cinch, Undoubtful, sure thing, shoo-in, firm, balanced, hopeful, resolute, absolute, conclusive, strong, tried and true, reliable, self-confident, on ice, in the bag, sure, locked on, determined, steadfast, sound, solid, steady, established, settled, nailed down, stable, able, well-founded.
low, lenient, agreeable, soothing, unexcited, still, at peace, comforting, pleasing, balmy, sedative, hushed, reasonable, halcyon, collected, amicable, whispering, sober, paradisiacal, tame, murmuring, unperturbed, pastoral, pacific, restful, even-tempered, measured, even, unexcitable, patient.
at ease
mellow, at rest, easygoing, unstrained, laid-back, comfortable, degage, easy.