Spell check of aroused

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Correct spelling: aroused

Common misspellings:

errased, asuured, aressted, acrossed, harrasaed, acoused, alresady, annoouced, crosed, arouond, arriced, areset, areosed, raiised, proased, arosd, arivesd, autorised, croosed, arouind, apressed, arugued, raiased, auhorized, eroused, raosed, acroosed, prosude, arousd, ariubd, arounsd, arsed, arousol, asured, arosed, aroubd, aresult, abiused, arristed, oused, arretsed, arreset, adresed, aroundd, annouced, acrossd, aregued, broused, aforsaid, aooraused.

Examples of usage:

  1. " But in this instance you will," said Madam Conway, now thoroughly aroused.  Maggie Miller by Mary J. Holmes
  2. " A request to go to the Hofburg tonight- before Herr Renwick came," she whispered, now thoroughly aroused.  The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  3. These words aroused his mother; and she cried out, in her turn, Silvio, you wicked child!  Rico And Wiseli Rico And Stineli, And How Wiseli Was Provided For by Johanna Spyri
  4. This aroused the medical profession in general.  Allopathy and Homoeopathy Before the Judgement of Common Sense! by Frederick Hiller