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Spell check of arid

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Correct spelling:
Agricultural Research Institute for Deserts


arid, waterless.
characterless, dragger, nowhere, well-worn, lifeless, ho hum, unvaried, Weariful, repetitious.
thirsty, sapless, dried-up, parched, juiceless, rainless, evaporated, Unmoistened, dry, waterless, Droughty, desiccated, searer, desiccant, desert, not irrigated, Moistureless, saharan.
wornout, stocker, out-of-date, usual thing, uninteresting, run of the mill, uninspiring, oft-repeated, big yawn, study at, prosy, flat, out of date, repetitive, longwinded.
unplowed, unfarmed, lowbrow.
desiccated, dull, desiccate, waterless, dry.
sterile, waste, desolate.
Examples of usage:
  1. By whose authority do some religious teachers now lead the suffering through such a round- about, intricate, or arid path of things to be done and doctrines to be accepted before bringing them to Christ? – A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century by E. P. Roe
  2. Irrigation systems should be constructed and maintained for the purpose of demonstrating the value of water to increase plant growth, not only in the arid regions, but in every State, East as well as West. – Our National Defense: The Patriotism of Peace by George Hebard Maxwell
  3. Even along the generally arid shores of Damaraland there are spots where it is to be feared. – Impressions of South Africa by James Bryce
  4. The man who brought water upon the arid lands of the West changed the entire complexion of a vast country and with it the industries of that country. – The Passing of the Frontier A Chronicle of the Old West, Volume 26 in The Chronicles Of America Series by Emerson Hough
  5. Living as they do in the very heart of a barren, arid waste, they control very little land worth taking from them and have therefore been unmolested longer than they otherwise would have been. – I Married a Ranger by Dama Margaret Smith