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accredit, authorize, commission, coronate, crown, depute, empower, endow, energize, enroll.
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Spell check of argue

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Correct spelling:
To contend in argument; to dispute; to reason; -- followed by with; as, you may argue with your friend without convincing him.

What does the acronym argue stand for?

ARGUE abbreviation definitions:
–  argued
–  Arguing


debate, reason, fence, indicate, contend.
reason, debate, fence, indicate, argue, contend.
clash, wrestle, contend, face, hassle, brawl, protest, struggle, dissent, confront, quarrel, stand, contrast, conflict, bicker, withstand, wrangle, encounter, vie, antagonize, dispute.
converse, meet, consult, debate, discuss, parley, chat, talk.
buffer, counterattack, defend, bar, cover, secure, police, rebut, backfire, barricade, respond, return, guard, oppose, fend, support, shield, retort, protect, safeguard, reply, sustain, screen, save, avert, ward, resist, answer, uphold, counter, shelter.
collide, object, challenge, defy, demur, disagree, repudiate, complain, reject, differ.
clarify, question, canvass, debate, expostulate, remonstrate, agitate, talk about.
try to convince; present support
defend, testify, exhibit, persuade, explain, evince, controvert, warrant, vindicate, show, assert, demonstrate, display, suggest, justify, present, manifest, witness, denote, plead, attest, maintain, hold, establish, reason, indicate, prevail upon, claim, elucidate, talk into, imply, appeal.
verbally fight
cross, sass, jump on, sock it to, hassle, knock around, hash, squabble, face off, lock horns, bump heads, buck, break with, jump, put up a struggle, wrangle, rehash, quibble, pick an argument, disagree, gang up on, bandy, row, dispute, hammer away, face down, bicker, mix it up, get in one's face, feud, go one on one, have at it, contend, put up a fight, talk back, hammer, pettifog, battle, cross swords, hash over, have at each other, quarrel, stick it to, altercate, set to.
Examples of usage:
  1. Don't tear up my letter in a rage; I am not going to argue the question with you any further. – Jezebel's Daughter by Wilkie Collins
  2. We will not argue about that, Mr. Chaffanbrass. – Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope
  3. " I can't argue about the idea back of this business," Starr said gravely. – Starr, of the Desert by B. M Bower
  4. I wasn't goin' to argue with the man. – Shining Ferry by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch