Spell check of Angelos

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Correct spelling: Angelos

Common misspellings:

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Examples of usage:

  1. There are the Galileos, Brunos, Homers, Michael Angelos, Beethovens, and all the lesser learned men and artists, who have consecrated their entire lives to the service of science and art, and who were, and will remain, the benefactors of mankind.  On the Significance of Science and Art from What to Do? by Count Lyof N. Tolstoi
  2. The submission of the latter obtained his release; but the Servians, impatient of foreign control, made another attempt to free themselves, but were defeated on the banks of the Morava, by Isaac Angelos, in 1192, when Stephen Nemana was proclaimed monarch, with the title of Despot.  Servian Popular Poetry by John Bowring