Spell check of and cheer

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Correct spelling: and cheer

Common misspellings:

znd cheer, and cbeer, and che3r, and cheed, qand cheer, and chder, amd cheer, and chrer, anr cheer, and ch4er, and cneer, aznd cheer, ans cheer, and chser, ane cheer, and cgeer, and chewr, anx cheer, snd cheer, and ch3er, and vheer, wnd cheer, and cherr, asnd cheer, qnd cheer, awnd cheer, and chesr, and che4r, and cheef, sand cheer, and chwer, anf cheer, and chedr, and chee5, and cheet, aqnd cheer, ahd cheer, and fheer, zand cheer, and cueer, and chee4, and cjeer, abd cheer, anc cheer, ajd cheer, and xheer, wand cheer, and cyeer, and dheer, and cheee.