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Spell check of allay

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Correct spelling: allay


What does the acronym allay stand for?

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Common misspellings:

allawys, allas, uslly, apliy, artilley, sallly, awaay, atualy, usallay, applay, arldey, aliey, earlly, eually, allyn, alloate, usuallly, alltho, allthe, eaily, aliah, earlyar, allthow, rallly, accaly, vallwy, usualllly, usially, uslay, eqally, illaowd, annullay, allahs, alloow, allarm, uaual, dailay, allof, allic, uaualy, algai, allha, allee, atilla, allly, alloof, vally, allthough, atuly, alliy.

Examples of usage:

  1. If we could by some magic process allay the anguish of the stricken heart, and heal its wounds when the strongest ties of nature are rent asunder,- could we even obliterate the susceptibilities of the soul, destroy natural affection, and render man more callous than the brutes, so that he could be torn from his home and kindred with less pain than they,- in a moral point of view the case would be altered but little.  Three Prize Essays on American Slavery by R. B. Thurston A.C. Baldwin Timothy Williston
  2. We have gone too far, raised passions we cannot allay.  The Framework of Home Rule by Erskine Childers
  3. About the middle of July I left General Muller to take a rest with the commando, and accompanied by half a score of adjutants and despatch riders, proceeded to Pilgrimsrust in the Lydenburg district to visit the commandos there, and allay as much as I could the dissatisfaction caused by my reorganisation.  My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War by Ben Viljoen
  4. Temporary legislation was enacted to allay the unrest, but, as there was a settled determination to protect the Establishment and to keep the political leadership among its friends, the various measures were not successful.  The Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut by M. Louise Greene, Ph. D.