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Correct spelling: air

What does the acronym air stand for?

AIR abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

amr, adiu, iheir, haiir, wair, emaio, emaii, 2011our, laiar, neair, awhie, cair, ari, afr, asier, atio, acur, enior, oir, oair, asr, bair, aiko, pair, eirc, amoir, teair, ar, paiir, upir, autior, nair, aaaaaaa, iirsh, kir, 3007or, airea, airo, appeir, apir, asir, voir, airly, airey, eaier, aur, ajor, airpor, authir, arr.

Examples of usage:

  1. So opposed was he in principle to duelling that he fired his pistol in the air.  Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  2. She got out into the air somehow and back to the hospital.  Love Stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. Who knows what the thing we call air is?  Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  4. And that was the only thing in the air that night.  No Man's Land by H. C. McNeile
  5. Not out of the air.  Studies in the Out-Lying Fields of Psychic Science by Hudson Tuttle