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Spell check of agony

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Correct spelling: agony


Common misspellings:

acroyn, againly, mahgony, agaian, agove, goany, agauin, afgan, okalona, ragon, aganecy, aecond, aegyoo, agean, againg, mahgonay, agetn, maogany, agenecy, againe, againcy, accopanny, ajoin, enony, agaun, againj, againf, egone, appoiny, agaon, aloney, maghony, agian, againn, armony, ignor, aegan, ageny, aagin, agena, againl, leagon, agoina, aguy, aconomy, accomany, agnry, againd, agnda, agagin.

Examples of usage:

  1. " Then my work may, at any rate, hope for a short agony and speedy death," sighed Pollux.  The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. And this agony of living death- I cannot support it....  Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  3. Not one uttered a cry, even in the death agony.  By Veldt and Kopje by William Charles Scully
  4. She lived through years of agony, in which she found herself wishing that she could only fall and end it.  The Madigans by Miriam Michelson