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Spell check of adversary

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Correct spelling: adversary


Common misspellings:

annversery, adversally, advocare, anniverasry, adversarily, adveresly, anaversry, anavercery, advicory, annivesrary, aniversry, annivrsary, anuversary, adverstiy, anoversarry, unversery, annaversery, annniversery, annervirsry, adversarys, adevsary, aniversarry, annivercery, aniversairy, aniversery, annivisary, aniversary, adersary, aniverssary, anniverisary, anniverssery, anneversary, anyversery, annoversary, advisery, adversairy, annivesary, annervesery, advercity, advoacy, annaversary, anniversarry, aniversiry, annarversary, annerversary, aneversery, anaversory, annversary, adversley, anniversry.

Examples of usage:

  1. As soon as I said this the owner of the bridle turned to his adversary and said, " What will you take for the horse?"  Personal Reminiscences of Early Days in California with Other Sketches; To Which Is Added the Story of His Attempted Assassination by a Former Associate on the Supreme Bench of the State by Stephen Field; George C. Gorham
  2. He would rather abandon the field to his adversary.  Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  3. They barely dared to fling stones and darts, so fast their adversary sped them back, and to the mark.  A Victor of Salamis by William Stearns Davis
  4. But his adversary, laughing all the while, defended herself with a dexterity which did not indicate that her heart was disposed to surrender.  San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock