Spell check of absent

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Correct spelling: absent

Common misspellings:

absentice, isent, abainst, accsent, absint, ubsent, agsnt, adsent, absends, inasent, absenties, absenece, acinet, obserbent, agasnt, absenty, ebident, asbsent, ajasent, assend, absulut, abuseing, absoloot, assisent, baseand, aicient, avbsent, asn't, abscens, abcense, eyesand, absince, acient, absentisum, abnned, absantee, aberant, hubsand, abount, abduant, ebhind, abudant, abservent, abesnt, obsinate, basent, obsidean, axsent, obient, acsent.

Examples of usage:

  1. What mattered it if Aunt Jane should return and find her absent?  Polly of the Hospital Staff by Emma C. Dowd
  2. " Delightful," she answered, in an absent sort of way.  Bijou by Gyp
  3. Lord Grosville, if he pleased, had a right to tell it, and there was now a curious feeling in Ashe's mind which had been entirely absent before, that he had, in some sort, a right to hear it.  The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  4. He was absent for several nights, but at last one night the little boy saw a welcome light in the cabin, and he made haste to pay Uncle Remus a visit.  Nights With Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris
  5. " Yes, absent in mind and body," and Nera laughed a cruel little laugh.  The Italians by Frances Elliot