Spell check of abolitionists

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Correct spelling: abolitionists

Common misspellings:

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Examples of usage:

  1. The Abolitionists, as it afterwards turned out, had in fact got hold of the issue which was to control the fortunes of the republic for thirty years.  Emerson and Other Essays by John Jay Chapman
  2. Abolitionists were men of sharp angles.  Half a Century by Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm
  3. St. Louis is full of excellent people, but they are not precisely Abolitionists.  The Crisis, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009
  4. The owners of my wife were very much afraid that she would follow me; and to prevent her they had told her and other slaves that I had been persuaded off by the Abolitionists, who had promised to set me free, but had sold me off to New Orleans.  Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American Slave, Written by Himself by Henry Bibb