Spell check of a big one

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Correct spelling: a big one

Common misspellings:

a biy one, a hbig one, a bkg one, a vig one, a bug one, a big 0ne, a big ohe, qa big one, a big onr, a bif one, a big ome, a b9g one, a bhig one, a big pne, a nig one, a big ine, a big onw, a big on4, a bnig one, a bvig one, sa big one, s big one, a big on3, a vbig one, a biv one, a nbig one, a bib one, a big ond, a bit one, za big one, z big one, aw big one, az big one, q big one, a big oje, as big one, a big obe, wa big one, a gig one, a big ons, a bog one, aq big one, a big kne, a big 9ne, a big lne, w big one, a b8g one, a bih one, a hig one, a bjg one.