Spell check of 1,2-DTA

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Correct spelling: 1,2-DTA

What does the acronym 1,2-DTA stand for?

1,2-DTA abbreviation definition:
  • –  1,2-Dithiane

Common misspellings:

1,2-sta, 1,2-dra, 1,2-rdta, 1,2-0dta, 1,2-dga, 1,2-dfa, 1,23-dta, 1,2-dtz, 1,2-d6a, 1,2-xta, 1,w2-dta, 1,2-dtq, 1,2-xdta, 1,2-dya, 1,2-pdta, 1,2-fta, q1,2-dta, 1,2-dtw, 1,2-rta, 1,3-dta, 1,21-dta, 1,2-cta, 1,2-dfta, 1,12-dta, 1,2-sdta, 1,w-dta, 1,20dta, 1,2-dts, 1,q2-dta, 1,2w-dta, 1,2-dxta, 1,2-cdta, 1,32-dta, 1,2q-dta, 1,2p-dta, 1,2pdta, 2,2-dta, q,2-dta, 1,20-dta, 1,2-drta, 1,2-eta, 1q,2-dta, 1,q-dta, 12,2-dta, 1,2-dsta, 1,1-dta, 1,2-dcta, 1,2-fdta, 1,2-d5a, 21,2-dta.