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Spell check of yen

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Correct spelling:
The Japanese unit of coinage; a Japanese coin worth about fifty cents.


gluttony, Gluttonies, big eyes.
actuation, excitant, impellent, impulsion, motivations, excitants, impulsions.
craving, desire, hunger.
strong want
craving, desire, hankering, hunger, itch, longing, lust, passion, thirst, urge, yearning.
ache, hankering, languish, long, pine, yearn.
Examples of usage:
  1. And she even furnished me,- this happened some time later,- with about three yen, I did not ask her for the money; she offered it from her own good will by bringing it to my room, saying that I might be in need of some cash. – Botchan (Master Darling) by Mr. Kin-nosuke Natsume, trans. by Yasotaro Morri
  2. I asked him how much, and he answered that on account of its owner having brought it from China and wishing to sell if as soon as possible, he would make it very cheap, that I could have it for thirty yen. – Botchan (Master Darling) by Mr. Kin-nosuke Natsume, trans. by Yasotaro Morri
  3. That three yen is not paid yet to- day, though it is five years since. – Botchan (Master Darling) by Mr. Kin-nosuke Natsume, trans. by Yasotaro Morri
  4. The Japanese in European costume patronized the dining- car, where an excellent lunch was served for one yen, or fifty cents in American money. – The Critic in the Orient by George Hamlin Fitch
  5. These women who were left, when they heard that Mon- yen was intending to abandon the city with a view of joining the emperor in the south, came to him in a body, and begged him to take them with him. – Genghis Khan, Makers of History Series by Jacob Abbott