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Spell check of yellowness

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Correct spelling:
the quality or state of the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons
irresolution (noun)
double-mindedness, hesitance, weakness, irresolution, capriciousness, uncertainty, indecisiveness, volatility, changeability, shiftiness, tentativeness, spinelessness, inconsistency, unsureness, unwillingness, vacillation, fickleness, wateriness, shyness, halfheartedness, impulsiveness, infirmity, insipidity, ambivalence.
cowardice (noun)
terror, phobia, cowardice, tremulousness, fearfulness, panic.
yellowness (noun)
fallowness, goldenness, sallowness.
Other synonyms:
Examples of usage:
  1. The light from my lantern seemed more than a sickly yellow glow against the gloom, and higher, some forty or fifty feet, and a few ratlines below the futtock rigging on the starboard side, there was another glow of yellowness in the night. no - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
  2. He is a duplicate of his yellowness. mother's - "In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875.", L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone.
  3. It was a mild morning, misty, but illuminated now and then with rays of sunlight, which gleamed dully upon the river and gave a yellowness to remote objects. - "The Nether World", George Gissing.

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