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Spell check of yellowness

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Correct spelling:
the quality or state of the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons


cowardice, fearfulness, panic, phobia, terror, tremulousness.
ambivalence, capriciousness, changeability, fickleness, hesitance, impulsiveness, inconsistency, indecisiveness, infirmity, insipidity, irresolution, shiftiness, shyness, spinelessness, uncertainty, unwillingness, vacillation, volatility, wateriness, weakness, unsureness, double-mindedness, halfheartedness, tentativeness.
sallowness, yellow, Fallowness, goldenness.
Examples of usage:
  1. This was the yellowness of the paper upon which the words were written. – Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green
  2. In this way it managed to do a considerable amount of good, and its yellowness became forgivable, even commendable. – The Sport of the Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  3. Among particulars I include all existents, and all complexes of which one or more constituents are existents, such as this- before- that, this- above- that, the- yellowness- of- this. – Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays by Bertrand Russell
  4. The wrapper of black paper and the close- fitting silken bag had not been sufficient to keep it from taking on the yellowness of age. – Strange True Stories of Louisiana by George Washington Cable
  5. For some time I lay endeavouring to regain command of myself, to prepare to face again that scene which had something horrifying in its yellowness, touched with the green and gold. – The Quest of the Sacred Slipper by Sax Rohmer