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Spell check of wrinkle

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Correct spelling:
A small ridge or fold; crease.
stratagem (noun)
dodge, contrivance, trickery, feint, maneuver, artifice, deception, subterfuge, plot, trap, ruse, trick of the trade, stratagem, Trojan horse, device, game, trick, ploy, machination, tactics, pitfall.
wrinkle (verb)
crease, pleat, pucker, crimp, corrugate, gather, fold, tuck, double, furrow, ripple.
wrinkle (noun)
crease, pucker, corrugation, furrow, fold, gather, ripple, tuck, crimp, flection, pleat, infold.
Other synonyms:
crack, job, channel, stock, line of credit, chamfer, tune, hitch, melody, ruck, buckle, crumble, furrow, breakage, product line, assembly line, rut, demarcation, crinkle, credit line, bruise, blood, good, billet, hunker, scrunch up, bank line, lineage, angle, short letter, brainchild, telephone circuit, ancestry, toast, crease, mess up, kris, ruffle up, innovation, bloodline, crump, bed, the thin end of the wedge, creation, business, note, seam, personal line of credit, dermis, groove, graze, grimace, cable, follicle, ability, melodic phrase, bug out, (just) the tip of the iceberg, rail line, excite, logical argument, twist, blemish, argument, bother, production line, crouch, concoction, line of work, phone line, tumble, crispen, mug, burn, rimple, blister, ruckle, flesh, kick, chip, epidermis, creese, rake, freckle, course, telephone line, blight, purse, line of business, hiccup, crush, subscriber line, communication channel, blip, triviality, frown, coinage, dividing line, birthmark, agate line, glitch, lower, kicker, transmission line, beauty spot, plication, crumple, glare, pipeline, line of products, thud, origin, cuticle, pedigree, blood line, knit, descent, crisp, contrast, line, hunker down, gimmick, strain, occupation, line of descent, break, line of merchandise, ruffle, jut, stemma, personal credit line, pout, squat, ridge, bend, scrunch, business line, railway line, beauty mark, melodic line, parentage, plica, air, line of reasoning, teething problems, cockle, rumple, flexure, glower, break down, argumentation, chase, burnout, smooth, collapse.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Yes, Wrinkle come and told me. Mr. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.
  2. Raise each corner of the lip, wrinkle the nose, quilt the forehead, grin, laugh. - "Resonance in Singing and Speaking", Thomas Fillebrown.
  3. His hair, bright and glossy as the plume, curled back from the lofty and commanding brow, which, save by one deep wrinkle between the eyes, was not only as white but as smooth as marble. raven's - "Calderon The Courtier A Tale", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

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