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Spell check of worn

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Correct spelling:
clothed (verb)
outfitted, arrayed, clad, wrapped, clothed, dressed, costumed, wore, attired, accoutered.
fatigued (verb)
exhausted, wore down, enervated, ran down, frazzled, tired, wore out, worn down, fatigued, flagged, wore, tuckered.
chafed (verb)
scraped, ground, harassed, irritated, rubbed, wore, chafed, resisted, fretted, rasped, abraded, grated, scrubbed, aggravated, disturbed.
clothed (adjective)
robed, costumed, arrayed, wrapped, garbed, clothed, attired, clad, dressed.
Other synonyms:
wiped out, faded, faint-hearted, hollow-eyed, emaciated, weatherworn, ageing, tattered, dim, venerable, weathered, moth-eaten, pooped, elder, secondhand, drained, bushed, faltering, timid, skeletal, whole, aweary, threadbare, antique, ratty, limp, used, tatty, fresh, bony, waterworn, antediluvian, done, cadaverous, ancestor, languid, weather-beaten, shabby, pinched, bleary, impaired, irresolute, aged, jaded, ill-defined, battered, tatterdemalion, tapped out, indistinct, new, well-worn, listless, seedy, attrited, flea-bitten, dog-eared, raddled, scruffy, woebegone, frayed, put on, spent, run-down, beaten, thumbed, tired, drawn, scoured, wan, prostrate, ragged, ancient, antiquated, all in, displayed, decrepit, knackered, worm-eaten, antiquity, feeble, purposeless, age-old, shopsoiled, done in, mangey, wearied, vermiculate, wormy, weak, shopworn, senior, worn-out, logy, haggard, mangy, faint, aging, eared, creaky, played out, geriatric, eroded, clapped out, wasted, careworn, half-hearted, old, gaunt, torn, burned-out, dead, elderly, washed-out, exhibited, beat.
Examples of usage:
  1. He looked almost as worn and physically exhausted as a desert fanatic. - "There was a King in Egypt", Norma Lorimer.
  2. indeed, I'd be a poor soldier to be worn out by a travel. No night's - "The Northern Light", E. Werner.
  3. I am not ill, but I can feel I am worn out. - "The Aspirations of Jean Servien", Anatole France.

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