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Spell check of withering

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Correct spelling:
making light of; " afire with annihilating invective"; " a devastating portrait of human folly"; " to compliments inflated I've a withering reply"- W. S. Gilbert
painful (adjective)
troublesome, irritating, hurtful, anguishing, annoying, acute, distressful, biting, crushing, miserable, bitter, tormenting, gnawing, harrowing, disagreeable, sore, bothersome, unpleasant, cutting, trying, grievous, burdensome, insufferable, piercing, irksome, offensive, oppressive, aggravating, painful, agonizing, woeful, unbearable, torturing, aching, horrendous, inflaming, stinging, uncomfortable, severe, cruel, odious, excruciating, stabbing, wrenching, cramping, arduous, chafing, smarting, throbbing, grueling, besetting.
drying (verb)
sucking dry, stanching, mopping, dehydrating, dehumidifying, emptying, swabbing, vaporizing, draining, parching, wringing out, blotting, desiccating, catheterizing, wiping, evaporating, drying, pumping out.
contracting (verb)
shrinking, condensing, abbreviating, squeezing, deflating, compressing, abridging, compacting, contracting.
deteriorating (verb)
tergiversating, slumping, degenerating, downgrading, worsening, dilapidating, ebbing, fading, getting worse, falling apart, retrogressing, collapsing, putrefying, reverting, declining, waning, sliding, wilting, lapsing, slipping, decaying, atrophying, relapsing, mouldering, going downhill, sinking, regressing, deteriorating.
Other synonyms:
devastating, destructive, annihilating, disrespectful, annihilative, atrophy.
Examples of usage:
  1. She was bitterly disappointed with Doggie for the sudden withering of her hopes. - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.
  2. There is growth nor increase, death nor withering upon the fairies. no no - "The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries", W. Y. Evans Wentz.
  3. leaned back in his chair and twisted his blunt features into an expression of withering contempt. Mr. Kybird - "At Sunwich Port, Complete", W.W. Jacobs.

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