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Spell check of With

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Correct spelling:
A flexible twig or strip of wood; band of twigs.
Denoting nearness or connection; by; in the company of; by means of; among.
Other synonyms:
first/second/third hand, cum, in spite of something, positive, agoraphobic, through, notwithstanding, distributed, against, anorexic, failing, passing, diabetic, attitude, nonetheless, ahead, owing to, dehydrated, personal, into, stance, brain-dead, tick away, corporate, barring, sympathetic, anaemic, creep by, simple, collective, homeward, direct, cheek by jowl, down, in light of something, due to, side, amidst, downwind, squarely, arthritic, all/just the same, participative, deportment, eastbound, anyhow, elapse, in the company of, beside, in, through someone's eyes, cross-country, from, common, in conjunction with, left, in association, despite, concussed, poise, still, position, aboard, first-hand, pose, regardless of, alongside of, nevertheless, arm in arm, indivisible, posture, by virtue of something, approving, anyway, wear on, partial, along with, close to home, intervene, on account of, hand in glove, time flies, directly, counterclockwise, anemic, go by, given, in view of something, supportive, clockwise, asthmatic, through, via, undivided, including, per, in company with, pro, around, bearing, whereas, amid, for, at, at least, the passage of time, vicarious, among, balance, because, affirmative, slip by, uneven, among other things, for all, in the midst of, from the horse's mouth, carriage.
Examples of usage:
  1. I think there I was with you. - "The Double-Dealer", William Congreve.
  2. Now I can do what I like with you all." - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.
  3. " Then I must go with you," she answered. - "My Strangest Case", Guy Boothby.

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