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Spell check of wit

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Correct spelling:
Intelligence; faculty of combining ideas so as to produce a striking or amusing effect; the exercise of this faculty; one who has wit.
To wit, namely; that is to say.
wit (noun)
ingeniousness, urbanity, canniness, deftness, subtleness, trickiness, drollness, wiliness, adroitness, foxiness, comedy, intellect, quickness, inventiveness, slyness, cunningness, scintillation, resourcefulness, irony, craftiness, sharpness, cleverness, facility, astuteness, humor, scurrility, sophistry, artfulness, finesse, shrewdness, brilliance.
experience (noun)
sophistication, practice, background, proficiency, competence, wisdom, experience, savoir-faire.
humorist (noun)
scriptwriter, comedian, columnist, humorist, jester, card, dramatist, actor, prankster, cutup, word smith, comic, gagman, joker, essayist, playwright, buffoon, funnyman, clown, belletrist, author, punster, copywriter, writer, wag, banterer.
cunning (noun)
deviousness, guile, finesse, mastery, trickiness, deftness, smoothness, foxiness, subtlety, art, slickness, cleverness, cunning, shrewdness, sly, ingenuity, astuteness, wariness, facility, artfulness, craftiness, snakiness, canniness, wiliness, quickness, slipperiness, ingeniousness, sharpness, skill.
Other synonyms:
daylights, shake, batting order, fun, waggery, jocosity, circuit board, clarity, jocularity, sally, ludicrousness, lucidness, humour, horse sense, genius, sense of humor, intelligence, lineup, brainpower, notice, levelheadedness, careful, reason, mood, farceur, wittiness, visiting card, burlesque, pun, body fluid, sanity, raillery, badinage, comicality, brain, perceptiveness, temper, keenness, soundness, helpless, comicalness, playfulness, judgment, smart, joke, scorecard, liquid body substance, carte, wisecracker, jocoseness, discrimination, comedy of errors, board, droll, perspicacity, bodily fluid, a figure of fun, common sense, psyche, quip, pleasantry, saneness, gagster, mind-set, caginess, acumen, funniness, sense, circuit card, bill of fare, nose, discernment, slapstick, policy, sageness, discretion, mentality, zany, repartee, sensibleness, zaniness, plug-in, farcicality, gagger, sense of humour, ability, discreetness, mental capacity, at a loss, knowingness, witticism, aphorism, calling card, marbles, vision, be (always) good for a laugh, satire, banter, wise guy, placard, hardheadedness, levity, ridiculousness, hopeless, whimsy, mastermind, humor, good-time Charlie, add-in, posting, eye, drollery, wisecrack, encephalon, clear-sightedness, marble, bill, card, head, learning ability, epigram, quipster, troubled, identity card, facetiousness, gumption, waggishness, penetration, hilarity, waggle, jest, humor, humorousness, percipiency, poster, witticism, nous, brainiac, understanding, mind, outlook, sagacity, desperate, carte du jour, intuition, percipience, wag, menu, laughing stock, laughter, mindset, jokester, prudence, sane, lucidity.
Examples of usage:
  1. If you've a wit o' your own, learn a little of folks that have some to spare. no - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
  2. And I have found out this, to wit: How right I was! - "Something Else Again", Franklin P. Adams.
  3. The wit, therefore, and none other, must supply what is wanting. author's - "The Craft of Fiction", Percy Lubbock.

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