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Spell check of wintry

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Correct spelling:
cold (adjective)
ice-like, bitter, cold, nippy, frigid, frozen, frosty, icy, chilly, biting.
Other synonyms:
the midnight sun, coolish, boreal, hot, numbing, autumn, churlish, coldish, snappy, bleak, backlit, polar, glacial, freezing, halogen, cold, chill, shivery, hard-eyed, hiemal, cold-blooded, raw, equinox, quick-frozen, frozen, bone-chilling, fixed, unsympathetic, unfriendly, frore, stony, floodlit, British Summer Time, gelid, wintery, antagonistic, frigid, rimed, nipping, autumnal, cold-eyed, icy, brittle, midsummer, daylight saving time, hibernal, hostile, winter, infrared, moonlit, coldish, brumal, candlelit, chill, midwinter, Midsummer Day, arctic, clammy, frosty, fall, direct, cool, antiseptic, soft, phosphorescent, distant, unpleasant, stock-still, rimy, rooted, ice-cold, snowy, flash-frozen, algid, aloof, crisp, fluorescent, cutting, cool.
Examples of usage:
  1. The little white old woman had ended her wintry age of patient sorrow, believing to the last that might have been a good husband as he had been a good son. 'Robert - "Scenes of Clerical Life", George Eliot.
  2. The effect of this wintry scene upon the mind is melancholy in the extreme- causing it to speed across the bleak and frozen plains, and visit again the warm fireside and happy faces in a far- distant home; and yet there is a strange romantic attraction in the wild woods that gradually brings it back again, and makes impatient to begin our walk with the Indian. us - "Hudson Bay", R.M. Ballantyne.
  3. Melvin smiled, a smile as cheerless as the gleam of wintry starlight on a bit of glass. - "Judith of Blue Lake Ranch", Jackson Gregory.

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