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Spell check of window

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Correct spelling:
Opening in the wall of a building to admit light; frame in the opening.
Other synonyms:
cold store, fitting room, changing room, skylight, blotter, axle, date, exit, business card, block, carbon, bay window, dormer, haberdashery, chassis, body, day, counter, glass, bumper, armour, menswear, blank, checkbox, pane, countdown, bargain basement, dressing room, casement, button, back door, fanlight, clipboard, bar, door, epoch, active window, blip, checkout, fire door, porthole, bonnet, era, blotting paper, boot, carbon paper, delay, fog, box, button bar, binder, bodywork, shutter, avatar, armor, double glazing, card, duration, lattice, bull bar, windowpane, chapter, cell, distance, show window, acetate, peephole, correction fluid, department.
Examples of usage:
  1. could not see so far from her window. Miette - "In Search of a Son", William Shepard Walsh.
  2. And I, what was thinking as there might be a light in the window! - "Six Plays", Florence Henrietta Darwin.
  3. Meredith turned from the window, to which he had gone back. - "Lady Rose's Daughter", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

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