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Spell check of wife

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Correct spelling:
A married woman; woman.
Other synonyms:
husband, helpmeet, little woman, old lady, madam, wifey, the old lady, life partner, ball and chain, matron, the little woman, the missis, marrow, mate, married woman, squaw, Mrs., match, dame, man, spouse, hubby, woman, housewife, helpmate, consort, better half, missus, missis, lady.
Examples of usage:
  1. But she's not my wife yet, if what you mean. that's - "Lore of Proserpine", Maurice Hewlett.
  2. " Look here, old man," Winn said, " let me get your wife." - "The Dark Tower", Phyllis Bottome.
  3. I took him away from his wife. - "The Breaking Point", Mary Roberts Rinehart.

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