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Spell check of white

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Correct spelling:
A white color: anything white.
Of the color of snow; pale; pure.
colorless (adjective)
toneless, faded, lackluster, colored, bleached, transparent, neutral, dull, pale, lusterless, hueless, colorless, achromatic.
white (adjective)
silvery, light, lily-white, milk-white, platinum, snowy, eggshell, pearly, ivory, milky, alabaster, lactescent, snow-white, creamy, hoary.
innocent (adjective)
guiltless, untarnished, pure-hearted, naive, untainted, innocuous, spotless, unblemished, unsophisticated, snowy, virginal, childlike, innocent, blameless, chaste, angelic, unspotted.
colors (noun)
brown, biscuit, apricot, blackness, aqua, buff, aquamarine, bronze.
pure (adjective)
uncluttered, guiltless, innocent, austere, basal, elemental, plain, spotless, untarnished, basic, undefiled, simon-pure, monolithic, nascent, bare, stainless, honorable, primary, indivisible, clear, clean, foundational, elementary, sinless, unadorned, atomic, virtuous, faultless, pure, chaste, aboriginal, purebred, unalloyed, fundamental, stark, primal, decent, unblemished, unadulterated, essential, untainted, immaculate, simple, undiluted, angelic, formative, unsullied, irreducible, blameless, prime.
Other synonyms:
flannel, multiracial, achromatic, etiolate, white-hot, unclouded, whiteness, champagne, decaffeinated, innocence, pureness, light, patrick victor martindale white, green, bluish, all-purpose flour, haggard, tintless, dilute, purity, checker, corn, Andrew Dickson White, box, black-and-blue, domino, kind, smock, snow-clad, ashen, bagatelle, livid, board game, egg white, cereal, batter, uncontaminating, white river, impeccable, glaze, clean-living, clothed, shin pad, Patrick White, exsanguinous, washrag, alcoholic, upstanding, albumin, brown rice, face cloth, race, full-blooded, dust coat, duster, exsanguine, jock, nationality, snow-covered, corked, mix, ethnic, unstained, caucasoid, Chardonnay, jockstrap, clean, t. h. white, Stanford White, hurtless, dark, bicarbonate of soda, good, shin guard, covered, blank, anodyne, Chablis, Negro, full-bodied, burgundy, dry, nation, colourless, checkers, athletic supporter, blanched, ovalbumin, baby-blue, fair, empty, arrowroot, claret, e. b. white, bubbly, Chianti, pure, bulgur, uncolored, cornflakes, principled, black, bloodless, unpainted, baking powder, colorless, caucasian, snowy, effervescent, carbonated, fresh, undyed, bran, albumen, basmati, gaberdine, western, jersey, ethnic minority, flat, cadaverous, uninfected, sporting, etiolated, avocado, blue, safe, pallid, gelatin, sinlessness, cup, sporty, honest, inoffensive, European, wan, splendid, amethyst, drinkable, unintegrated, white person, leotard, Elwyn Brooks White, benign, fine, cream of tartar, neat, andrew d. white, light-skinned, chalky, diluted, truthful, unobjectionable, azure, counter, tweed, backgammon, Chinese checkers, kit, albescent, segregated, bicarb, good-natured, Bordeaux, hot, minority, sincere, wan, whiten, sportsmanlike, Theodore Harold White, genuine, oil, vacuous, courageous, brandy, amber, whitened, drawn, checkerboard, gabardine, lily-white, washed-out, (as) white as a sheet, buckwheat, clad, irreproachable, washcloth, Aryan, chess, beige, cognac, pinched.
Examples of usage:
  1. white under, come to me. Bluerobed, - "Ulysses", James Joyce.
  2. White knew how to deal with him. - "A Mysterious Disappearance", Gordon Holmes.
  3. They have lived with the for years; they are white men, but they are our friends. Murhapas - "The Land of Mystery", Edward S. Ellis.

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