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Spell check of whistle

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Correct spelling:
A whistling sound; small shrill pipe.
To make a shrill piping sound through the lips, or with an instrument; to sound shrilly.
To utter by whistling; call by whistling.
scream (verb)
squeal, screech, caterwaul, whine, squeak, scream, creak, rasp, shriek.
sibilation (noun)
sibilation, whoosh, snort, snore, whiz, sniffle, sputter, wheeze, whir, snuffle, zip, rhonchus, sizzle, hiss, lisp, buzz, whisper.
shrillness (noun)
shrillness, reediness, hoarseness, scratchiness, creakiness, sharpness, harshness, caterwaul, squeal, acuteness, stridency, piercing, screech, scream, raucousness, highness.
musical instruments (noun)
bass, air guitar, bagpipes, bassoon, balalaika, barrel organ, banjo, bass guitar, baby grand, accordion.
alarm (noun)
signal, caution, flare, foghorn, semaphore, warning, beacon, notice, buoy, horn, alarm, call, siren, alert, bell.
sibilate (verb)
whir, wheeze, snort, lisp, hiss, sniffle, whisper, whiz, sizzle, snuffle, zip, buzz, sibilate, fizzle, whoosh, snore, sneeze, sputter.
Other synonyms:
let the cat out of the bag, the all clear, charge, hasten, babble, tattle, catcall, outpace, tin whistle, articulation, fire alarm, chink, cock-a-doodle-doo, speed, burglar alarm, chime, spill the beans, Bronx cheer, pop, sound/raise the alarm, beat out, bang out, back, keen, portend, cry, pennywhistle, whistling, boom, alarm bell, lecture, blab, sing, clank, peep, talk, beep, car alarm, dart, buzzer, click, gallop, blare, warn, peach, blast away, surge, be quick on your feet, babble out, birdsong, clink, creaking, chatter, hoot, clap, fly, crack, quack, blast, plop, warn off, atmospherics, bellow, piping, howl, clang, forewarn, boo, mewl, arrange, cuckoo, accompany, pipe, noise, song, bang, brrr, tip off, baton, applause, bleep, blab out, grunt, race, clash, cluck, clack.
Examples of usage:
  1. The big boy dropped the dog, and he and his companion struggled for the coin, each willing the other should have the whistle. - "Jewel's Story Book", Clara Louise Burnham.
  2. He helped her down and after listening a moment gave a whistle. - "The Valley of Decision", Edith Wharton.
  3. Like little children, they whistle to the birds they would catch. - "Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete", John Lothrop Motley.

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