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Spell check of well-worn

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Correct spelling:
habitual (adjective)
accustomed, habitual, regular, common, acclimated, familiar, conventional, timeworn, conditioned, custom, routine.
Other synonyms:
warmed-over, trite, worthwhile, old-hat, hackney, overworked, usual, stale, stock, platitudinous, useful, shopworn, hackneyed, cobwebby, moth-eaten, stereotypic, unoriginal, stereotyped, worn, clichéd, helpful, corny, excite, overused, tired, high-powered, commonplace, practical, valuable, timeworn, musty, effective, stereotypical, operative, bromidic, threadbare, functional, hack, obligatory, efficient, cliché, platitudinal, banal, worn-out.

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