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debauching, ill-using, maltreating, defiling, debasing, ill-treating, desecrating, violating, degrading, despoiling, misusing. trespassing, maltreating, committing, wronging, transgressing, infringing, doing wrong, encroaching, perpetrating.


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Spell check of well

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Correct spelling:
A spring; pit dug to water; inclosure round a ship's pumps.
In a good state; in health.
Rightly; properly; to a good degree; conveniently.
To issue forth, as water from the earth.
well (adverb)
praiseworthily, excellently, finely, splendidly, beneficially, worthily, nicely, commendably, pleasantly, laudably, favorably, benignly, admirably.
sufficiently (adverb)
insufficiently, adequately, completely, wholly, entirely, hardly, fully, quite, barely, abundantly.
pit (noun)
hole, bottomless pit, chasm, shaft, crater, deep, crevasse, pit, cavity, abyss.
body of water (noun)
sound, tank, ditch, lagoon, strait, puddle, reservoir, ocean, fiord, inlet, pool, gulf, lake, bayou, bay, dike, cove, estuary, pond.
Other synonyms:
root, just, firstly, suitably, able-bodied, intimately, healthy, salutary, totally, deeply, oil platform, nearly, strong, not, borehole, oil well, cured, enduring, high-spirited, like a dream, vigorous, fantastically, anyhow, it all began, give me strength, blowout, absolutely, on and on, what does something have to do with...?, mother, on no account/not on any account, cast up, to make/cut a long story short, really, including, oil slick, normal, particularly, hygienic, commendable, to be continued, closely, kindly, to the best of your ability, once upon a time, the long and the short of it, catch, cranny, for heaven's sake/sakes, trim, rightly, spry, fountain, tumesce, arguably, pulse, a lot, channel, for openers, sick, to perfection, period, strongly, badly, thoroughly, wellspring, never-ending, sanitary, salubrious, parent, tumefy, indeed, ill, come over, run, all right, heighten, substantially, rootstock, come in, very, beginning, symptomless, now, origin, advisable, puh-leeze, OK, headspring, anyway, prolonged, constant, immensely, for crying out loud, fit, healthful, fortunate, grip, additionally, hardy, what's that supposed to mean?, spring, swell, for the sake of argument/discussion, blowhole, by no means, good, keep, with that, someone does something, head, chink, great, utterly, you know, start, hale, darn, comfortably, intumesce, sweep over, what has/will become of, right, along with, of course not, what (has) happened to something, engulf, like, fresh, pshaw, long-term, what's gotten into someone?, no dice, brother, lasting, wellhead, puff up, of course, healed, oilfield, course, easy, break, color, adequately, crest, what's the big idea?, dash, advantageously, hell, offshore, whole, ably, for pity's sake, wholesome, derivation, well up, I'm sorry, surge, certainly not, and, superlatively, long, properly, good, it (only) remains for me to do something, purely, easily, oilman, deepen, blooming, poorly, bouncing, asymptomatic, robust, okey-dokey, soundly, cleft, hah, there I was/we were, give me a break, flourishing, fount, do with, well-conditioned, swell up, my, fountainhead, fine, I know, greatly, aperture, no, fabulously, provenance, burst, extended, provenience, source, where has someone/something gotten to?, gusher, no way, how, ha, recovered, for some time, crack, oil rig, considerably, oh, not really, hearty, grow.
Examples of usage:
  1. Well, I did what you said, and he said-" " What did you do that I said?" - "The Boy Scouts on a Submarine", Captain John Blaine.
  2. Well, well, you wee'l leaue Sicin. - "Coriolanus", Shakespeare, William.
  3. Well, sir, I don't think he did. - "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope.

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