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Spell check of weary

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Correct spelling:
Tired; fatigued; having the patience exhausted: causing weariness.
To make, or become weary; tire.
bore (verb)
tire, fatigue, bore, annoy, tranquilize, dull, sedate.
weary (adjective)
wasted, uphill, debilitated, drowsy, worn-out, droopy, exhausted, faint, feeble, fatigued, run-down, blue, limp, sleepy, cheerless, wayworn, toilsome, weak, footsore, trying, bored, apathetic, over-weary, frazzled, flaccid, tired, listless, depressed.
fatigued (adjective)
tired, flagged, lethargic, wayworn, enervated, worn-out, sleepy, fatigued, sluggish, run-down, frazzled, exhausted, drowsy.
Other synonyms:
stupid, dreary, assume, fag, slow, drudge, exhaust, leaden, colorless, tapped out, scare away, played out, wiped out, old, pooped, numbing, wear off, fagged, frighten off, pedestrian, hypnotic, ho-hum, put on, wearisome, hold out, tire out, on your last legs, bear, aweary, daunt, get into, beat, drab, soporific, sick, dead, harass, fatigue, weariful, stodgy, jaded, outwear, jade, boring, feel/be slow, prostrate, bushed, exhausting, cloy, wear, break, health, labor, mind-numbing, uninteresting, die, monotonous, bleary, fall apart, tire, frighten away, stuffy, knackered, irksome, spent, run out of/lose steam, don, droop, rundown, overworked, tedious, heavy, moil, done in, tired out, worn, burned-out, excite, done, play out, endure, dash, drear, drained, wearying, punishing, worn-down, dozy, become flat, wear thin, do for, scare off, wear out, wear down, disgusted, stale, beaten, dry, toil, wear upon, wearied, run out of gas, travail, fed up, run out of gas/steam, tired, dig, wearing, labour, humdrum, fag out, sick and tired, jading, jejune, flat, scare, jaded, tame, pall, ponderous, bust, washed-out, dusty, arid, grind, flag, drudging, logy, tiresome, monochromatic, tuckered, study at tired, tiring, sap, have on, all in.
Examples of usage:
  1. I'm just weary with the sort of tired that you can't help by sleepin'. - "Riders of the Silences", Max Brand.
  2. For so many weary years I have never heard one word from human lips which I could understand or make answer to. - "The Lost City", Joseph E. Badger, Jr..
  3. In the morning he rose, weary and sad, to go about his work. day's - "The Life of Thomas Wanless, Peasant", Alexander Johnstone Wilson.

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