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Spell check of way

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Correct spelling:
Passage; road: direction: distance: manner of acting; mode; will.
method (noun)
tactic, procedure, process, program, system, trajectory, discipline, scheme, mechanism, schema, approach, method, technique, course, manner.
conduit (noun)
sewer, pipe, duct, canal, gutter, passage, conduit, course, channel, culvert, aqueduct, sluice, ditch, trench.
specialty (noun)
difference, figure, trait, keynote, characteristic, property, hallmark, specialty, definiteness, mannerism, peculiarity, particularity, forte, quality, quirk, specialization, discriminant, stamp, mark, feature, flavor, idiosyncrasy, individuality, cachet.
means (verb)
contrivance, policy, action, move, measure, outline, step, stroke, design, idea, plot, plan.
behavior (noun)
practice, countenance, demeanor, deportment, method, tactics, behavior, manner, comportment, guise, air, conduct, procedure, bearing, carriage.
Other synonyms:
whereabouts, direction, uncommonly, a lot, roaringly, situation, very, achingly, sort, share, headroom, access, enormously, room, driveway, wont, severely, moiety, chapter, ways, progression, expanse, considerable, move, deadly, beastly, dash, deeply, desperately, tone, huge, usual, so, badly, environment, centering, frightfully, habit, modality, fabulously, flair, extremely, praxis, highroad, mood, super, portion, indeed, vitally, aboard, awful, break, path, walk, mightily, avenue, booking, intention, right smart, elbow room, fantastically, big, pathway, fashion, drop, archly, conditions, seriously, thoroughfare, custom, fiercely, terribly, especially, schtick, climate, turnpike, avenue, management, jolly, cracking, event, instruction, much, infinity, usage, scene, surpassingly, factor, goal, sore, aisle seat, slice, immensely, roaring, stylus, space, epoch, monstrous, office, awfully, widely, hugely, expression, road, greatly, supremely, site, bus, consuetude, wise, habitude, close, personal manner, instinct, vogue, extent, spirit, mighty, radius, wicked, exceedingly, focal point, extensive, Blvd., carry, nature, locale, focusing, depth, object, extra, style, delay, date, era, route, center, representation, guidance, incredibly, stinking, counsel, too, gait, charge, musical mode, track, posture, passage, really, incidentally, modal value, federal agency, mien, line, inclination, gateway, such, footprint, aim, Ave., action, objective, street, corking, lane, port, damned, wildly, bridle-path, eminently, well, allocation, hall, distance, thoroughfare, substantial, range, alternative, mortally, duration, full, usage, ever, dang, manner, archway, clearance, day, stretch, hairsbreadth, thumping, whacking, trail, great, gatehouse, enormous, spanking, that, counselling, location, mode, counseling, form, alley, real, look, outlook, open, allotment, almighty, government agency, context, superhighway, venue, book on, air pocket, length, habit, distance, crescent, steering, drive, damn, gate, proportion, gap, means, climb, street, position, facet, angle, road, bureau, purpose, large, expressway, piece, blisteringly, channel, target, way of life, disposition, rattling, far, particularly, Dr., roadway, state of affairs, entrance, role, specially, space, sorely, countdown, booking office, boulevard, bone, panache, agency, trend, backstreet, thruway, right, arr., door, arch, majorly, heavily, background, block, commission, path, component, place, highway, appearance, use, elan, high, thoroughly, delegacy, entry, bookable, substance, freeway, cul-de-sac, tendency, intensely, as a matter of fact, custom, course, pass, unco, reach, highly, expressive style, orbit, focus, focussing, base, usance, aspect, modus operandi, board, circumstance, afloat, be, setting, gatepost, authority, highway, roadway, filthy, itinerary, passageway, human nature, colossally, vastly, passing, basis, most, by the by.
Examples of usage:
  1. The way you came in. - "The Book of Gud", Dan Spain Harold Hersey.
  2. I must go to him at once; you will show me the way. - "At the Time Appointed", A. Maynard Barbour.
  3. So you have- but not in the way you think. - "The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance", Marie Corelli.

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