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Spell check of watch

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Correct spelling:
Act of watching; guard; one who watches, or those who watch: time of watching; division of the night: pocket timepiece.
To keep in view; give heed to; guard.
To look attentively; keep guard; be awake.
observe (verb)
spectate, eyewitness, look, witness, observe, sight see, perceive, view, gaze, behold.
chronometer (noun)
chronometer, stop watch, chronograph, grandfather clock, egg timer, hourglass, sundial, wristwatch, clock, cuckoo clock, sand glass, metronome.
heed (verb)
care about, study, take notice of, concentrate on, attend, scrutinize, mind, think about, heed, pay attention to, take seriously.
see (verb)
stare, witness, glare, peek, view, sight, spy, perceive, inspect, observe, see, look, peer, discern, behold, glance, gaze, glimpse, regard.
Other synonyms:
right, con, lookout, correspond, watch out, piquet, decide, gather in, ensure, checker, take after, take in, cod, fall out, be on the lookout, travel along, survey, discover, play along, audience, crack, shape, reside, examine, hello, awareness, tick off, trance, flick through, abide by, set, alarm, trip up, fit, put on, overtake, qui vive, get, enchant, take hold of, block, discipline, lookout station, custodian, observatory, pursue, ticker, dwell, surveillance, guardian, yo, hey, remark, receive, retard, be, jibe, hold back, image, alert, capture, attention, make, flash mob, keep up, trace, look into, see, eye, listen in, maintain, project, put one across, tarry, okay then, influence, look after, run across, date, check off, pathfinder, guild, overhear, escort, Big Ben, guide, stop, alarm clock, heart, check out, pick up, neglect, warden, suck in, arrest, talent scout, protect, detect, qui vive, keep an eye peeled, earn, beware, take note, meet, accompany, trick, watchfulness, envision, celebrate, abide, structure, go over, attentiveness, save, tend, tread carefully/cautiously/lightly etc., ingest, analog, look out, channel surfing, imbibe, beguile, fix, read, epoch, check over, vigil, go out, memorise, keep an eye on, hold in, picture, have, becharm, organization, espouse, take to be, keeper, shift, curb, befool, match, condition, keep abreast, note, be on guard, be on the lookout for, stay, consume, mold, see to it, slang, fool, draw, watch out for, reckon, look at, expect, all right, enamour, alert, train, insure, delay, commission, stock ticker, observer, contain, observe, learn, esteem, absorb, square off, minder, bring in, flash mobbing, keep (a) watch, honor, mention, take up, association, custodian, check up on, vigilance, await, break, see to, make up one's mind, fascinate, mark off, dip into, chapter, grab, watcher, turn back, notice, consider, bureau, warder, think of, look upon, wait, patrol, moderate, soak up, suck up, scout, limit, follow/watch someone's every move, clear, tick, hold, safeguard, sentry, control, watch over, check, look on, succeed, assimilate, settle, gibe, special interest, outlook, rest, continue, go through, find, tiptoe around, police, inhabit, shield, careful, teach, hitch, mark, encounter, watchfulness, defend, era, dip, interpret, pull in, red alert, alertness, anticipate, get a line, day, lodge, catch out, attentiveness, front, minder, assure, visit, fancy, finder, construe, enamor, hunter, observation, authority, entrance, sojourn, flip through, understand, care for, pale, take care, watch for, keeper, countdown, observance, come across, follow, define, specify, visualize, shelter, distance, charm, institution, picket, fob watch, pump, figure, repute, find out, respect, endure, sop up, stand up for, call in, catch, stick with, postdate, watcher, lookout man, hear, bear, experience, go steady, club, panel, larn, visualise, spy on, support group, minister to, look out for yourself/number one, tolerate, come after, sleepiness, get word, captivate, duration, bide, sentinel, observation tower, memorize, come, realise, tally, federation, regulate, suss out, listen up, honour, dupe, warden, catch up with, agree, suck, clock radio, stand over, confront, setup, live, ascertain, check into, warder, gull, determine, fob, adopt, remain, acquire, square up, alertness, run into, red alert, realize, regard as, get wind, chequer, spotter, flip, observation post, discoverer, just/wait a moment, instruct, stick to, bewitch, invite, watchman, keep, take, put one over, gain, comply, conform to, surveil, guard, choose your words (carefully), collect, couch potato.
Examples of usage:
  1. Where did you buy the watch?" - "Paul Patoff", F. Marion Crawford.
  2. " We must be on the watch for them, then," I answered, laughing. - "Afar in the Forest", W.H.G. Kingston.
  3. I'll keep the watch. - "The Black Bar", George Manville Fenn.

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