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Spell check of washed-out

Spellweb is your one-stop resource for definitions, synonyms and correct spelling for English words, such as washed-out. On this page you can see how to spell washed-out. Also, for some words, you can find their definitions, list of synonyms, as well as list of common misspellings.

Correct spelling:
dismissed (verb)
dropped from the program, let go, discharged, failed.
Other synonyms:
wan, tuckered, flawed, green, dulled, worn, beaten, watery, broken, bright, all in, jaded, beat, drawn, pooped, faded, weakened, done in, bushed, bold, apart, bleached, worn-out, pastel, shot, bleary, clean, brash, spent, (as) white as a sheet, colorless, battered, washy, faulty, down, aweary, tapped out, pinched, kaput, dull, knackered, cold, played out, pale, done, drained, cadaverous, dyed, limp, colored, tired, fatigued, wrecked, trashed, ashen, color-coded, exhausted, weak, dead, ablaze, colourless, logy, attenuated, attenuate, haggard, chintzy, prostrate, burned-out, light, coloured, dog-tired, wiped out, wearied, fagged.

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