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Spell check of wall

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Correct spelling:
Fence of brick or stone: side of a building.
To inclose with, or as with, a wall; fortify.
defense (noun)
security, barrier, resistance, return, countermeasure, reply, rebuttal, shelter, argument, fortress, moat, protection, cover, defense, answer, harbor, retort, stronghold, backfire, shield, guard, screen, safeguard, buffer, barricade, aversion, armor, response, support, counterattack.
cliff (noun)
reef, boulder, crag, stone, escarpment, precipice, palisade, rock, cliff, bluff.
Other synonyms:
mound, apex, entrails, traverse, breakwater, contend, snub, stack, ammunition, palisade, circumvent, cavity, mountain, brim, ditch, front, buckler, curb, firewall, wad, mole, border, hamper, fort, jetty, gable, ward, environ, espalier, ward, floodgate, obstruction, ward, hindrance, red tape, pile, apparatus, dike, drift, guts, include, aegis, back, surface, debate, buckler, retardation, embankment, thing, arbor, flank, stand up, groyne, dry-stone wall, latticework, look through, damp, canal, dado, paling, restriction, chatelaine, casbah, stop, stumbling block, ammunition, surround, retainer, rampart, levee, clog, besiege, bump, entanglement, shun, argue, corner, base, drawback, organ, bell tower, limitation, dam, snag, get/be given the cold shoulder, chateau, bulwark, frieze, castle, fount, innards, hedge, battlements, paries, difficulty, skirt, open, hitch, help, belfry, blockage, spurn, fence in, bailey, gnome, hedge, bottom, fence, hedge, blank, chamber, heap, pyramid, beleaguer, campanile, smother, baseboard, groin, lattice, hem in, facing, hurdle, bar, barrage, knot, brush off, aegis, block, ammunition, ring, fountain, buckler, bird bath, seawall, grotto, bevel, parapet, dyke, edge, part, avoid, aegis, obstacle, keep your distance, confines, bank, castellated, stockade, organic, partition, earthwork, clerestory, check, impediment.
Examples of usage:
  1. Nothing led to this village built against a wall. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.
  2. Look, against the wall there, with the two people who were in her service. - "The Woman of Mystery", Maurice Leblanc.
  3. Each wall has its gate, with a guard at each gate. - "The Story of Magellan and The Discovery of the Philippines", Hezekiah Butterworth.

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