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Spell check of walk

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Correct spelling:
Act or manner of walking; place for walking; conduct.
To move by steps without running; to live: behave.
wander (verb)
trek, wander, hike, ramble, trip, tour, travel, rove, journey, promenade, stroll, march, roam, course, amble, drive, cycle, jaunt, sojourn.
expedition (noun)
journey, trip, promenade, outing, trek, march, safari, sojourn, stroll, ramble, voyage, jaunt, junket, expedition, hike, excursion, tour.
Other synonyms:
batboy, at bat, take the air, constitutional, precinct, foul line, front, firmament, stagger, sidewalk, funfair, goose step, step, terrain, boardwalk, platform, domain, pass, sphere, shepherd, basketball, offer, base, kingdom, flowerbed, step aside, notch, baseball, towpath, circle, stray, basket, double, hoof, province, passing game, esplanade, vanish, gait, foot, passage, toss, conduct, center, haul off, road, tread, department, fly, crack, go, manhandle, saunter, foot it, herbaceous border, backboard, go away, business, perambulation, occupation, passing play, die, transfer, stop, appeal, give/hand in (your) notice, guide, alley, dunk, field goal, bower, dissolve, bed, ball boy, laissez passer, escort, position, full-court press, whirl, flip, walking, circuit, bazaar, arraign, arena, advance, cite, hand in your notice/resignation, pavement, specialty, deliver, balk, trail, lead, roll, hit, budge, shuffle, move, garden, stride, call, area, passing, foul out, backyard, realm, mountain pass, bailiwick, strut, mosey, ground out, come, pace, goaltending, nature trail, avenue, passport, range, barony, fling, resign, path, baulk, mall, propel, stand down, finish, ambulate, paseo, tramp, trudge, fade away, fief, bake sale, vacate, pier, line, cease, bring before, demesne, fundraiser, element, dock, tread, turn, catch, qualifying, baseline, meander, take, bring, step, flag day, head, base on balls, retire, shunt, bye, walk of life, border, ballpark, strait, affirm, benefit, allotment, gangway, ball girl, footpath, foul, quit, grounds, carnival, appear, walkway, game, straits, liberty chit, limp, disappear, evaporate, claim, botanical garden, bridle path, bat, handout, manner of walking, street, track, leave, allow, fundraising, bow out, bunt, discipline, fiefdom, pathway, ball.
Examples of usage:
  1. I'm going to take my walk." - "Embarrassments", Henry James.
  2. Think she's going to get up and walk out on us?" - "Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories", Rex Beach.
  3. Do you mind if I walk with you? - "The Amateur", Richard Harding Davis.

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